[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 10-1] | Runningman Auction sells ‘JONGKOOK Chance’.?! (ENG SUB)

[RUNNINGMAN BEGINS] [EP 10-1] | Runningman Auction sells ‘JONGKOOK Chance’.?!  (ENG SUB)

Running Man Auction! So, I run the auction. Rest of you participate the auction. The payment is mission. You have to accept every mission you bought You have to complete the mission. The let’s begin the auction now. These are the important tools for the show. Got it? / Yeah It’s better for you to buy at least one. Alright? / Yeah. Ready? Let’s begin the first auction. (Who’s this guy?) (Surprise) (Jongkuk’s manager) I know he’s very awkward. He volunteered himself. First! Would you participate just like this? 1 finger flick (Auction begins without knowing) 3 arm hitting He said 3 arm hitting. That bam. That bam and high way High way Gary Opening the beer (Current situation) Slap each side of my cheek. (Things are going very serious) Be realistic please. We’ll flick your forehead with chopsticks. 15 flicks. Are you serious? (Rich guy) Gary said before, that he doesn’t feel pain Who else? 16 flicks Jungki, 20 flicks 5 4 What about Taehyun or Jongkuk? Nah, I don’t join. He’s really.. He doesn’t take any risks. If you say 22, we’ll say 23. / No thanks. 5 4.. / Gary! 25 5, 4, 3, 2… 26 flicks 5, 4, 3… / 27 flicks! 5, 4, 3, 2… / 28 flicks! 5, 4, 3… (Currently, 28 flicks) (Sukjin is the winner now) (28 is too….) 5, 4, 3, 2….1 (Auction off) (Whatever it is, they’re happy first) Let’s check what it is. (Jongkuk Tickets) (Hello) (Terminator, Kim Jongkuk) (Having Jongkuk is a huge adventage) (Jongkuk Ticket) Jongkuk Ticket! Jongkuk’s nothing today! (Jongkuk got injured) It’s too expensive. You can use Jongkuk today! After 28 flicks? /After 28 flicks Your ticket is valid Jongkuk, come here please. Why he’s coming now? It’s Jongkuk ticket. Ladies are ok, but for guys, if you make noise, the product is invalid. 28 flicks from Jongkuk! For ladies, it’s ok. So I’m saying this. Be realistic. Ready, Shortly, Sukjin should keep his T-shirts face. (This face) Go (He made a sound) (Invalid) His auction is cancelled now. I’m reapeating this, be realistic. Auction runs again. 1 2 / Gary 2 4 5 Song Jihyo! 5 6 (Are you doing this again?) Die, Die, die. (Auction off) (Sunjin, wins again) (Can he endure this?) Ready, go (No surprise) (Cancelled again) I breathed Forget it You said AAHH (Third auction) 1 Gary, 2 / 3 Die die! 4 / Great, 4 7 5, 4 … / Question. I can use Jongkuk for whole day long? (If it ends like this) (Ticket goes to Gary) (Gulp) Auction off! You know, Gary doesn’t feel pain. If you endure it, it’s your day. I can pay everything back to him. For Gary, it’s a huge chance. Seriously. I’ll keep my eyes opened If you close your eyes… / Fine. Gary. It’s useless. See how I use him later. Ready, go (Pretty peaceful) (So far, he’s ok) Do you want to take your time back? (You can give up by ringing the bell) How many flicks I had? / 3 5 / 4 flicks. (Gary can win the ticket in a short time) (I’ll pay…) (You back) (By this ticket) (7 flicks, complete) (Gary wins the ticket) Congratulations (It grows your responsibility) You may use Jongkuk for whole day long Hold this for a while, Jongkuk. It’s the final one. There are many guys who didn’t participate. Bring it please. (Jongkuk’s manager again) (Open) (Punish Exemption Ticket) (Very attractive option) (Today’s highlight!) (Regardless which team you belong to) (You don’t get the punishment) (It’s the Runningman’s nightmare) (The memory of short pants) (Be free from the punishment) Auction! Even if my team is lost? / Yes! Yourself don’t get the punishment. Jongkuk: 5 (Jongkuk’s assertive today) 8, great. / 10 I’ll go with 13 I’m also a participant I want to win this. 16 You hate getting punished? / Yes! 17 18 Song Jihyo, 20 (Very assertive) (What?) (Taehyun, 21) From annonymous, 21 (Counting for off) Cha Taehyun! (Auction off) He has to hold it/ Of course. As long as he makes a sound, it’s invalid. It gets dismissed. Could you go speedy? How speedy do you want? / 5 in a sec (Very simple guy) (As long as he can hold it) (Patience) Are you crying? Just win the game Hold on. I can win the game (If Taehyun’s team wins, ticket’s useless) Do you want your time back? (He doesn’t give up) 5 flicks in a sec? 3 in a sec (5 is too much) You can give up now Wait a minute Dismissed (He made a sound, so it’s invalid) (Also he didn’t take the flicks) (2nd auction, start) 11 / 12 I want it so bad 13 15 (Gwangsu and Jihyo don’t give up) 16 (She’s scary) Jihyo, think carefully. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Wait, me 19! 5, 4…. 20!! 5, 4, 3, (Taehyun: 21) 5, 4, 3, Wait, 22! Yu Jaesuk, 22? / 22 Fair, fair He’ll fail eventually. (Counting again) Auction off! (Auction off) Let’s flick him together 22 I bet he’ll scream in 5 flicks I bet my bottom dollar./ You sure? I get your money and the ticket! (It’s not Jaesuk’s sound) (It’s a sound from someone else) It’s done right? Not yet I didn’t make a sound (Just give up) See you after 5 flicks. (Give up) See? I bet my money. Alright, fine. I want that ticket so bad. But it’s endurable. (3rd auction re-start) 1/ 2/ 3 4 5 6 7 Jihyo, 5, 4, 3, 2 (I give up) Jihyo, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Auction off) (She finally earned the opportunity) Jihyo gets 7 flicks. How do you want me to do? 3, 3, 1 Would you be ok? It’s just a game, please don’t judge me. I can scream right? (She doesn’t want to get a punishment) I want that ticket. Are you ok? (3 flicks again) (As long as she wins the ticket) Wait I’ll get her flick. (Oh la la?) I’m fine. (OOps) (No thanks!) She’s not a easy girl (She held it!) (Jihyo won the ticket!) (It was close) I want her team wins today. Jihyo doesn’t take punishment today.


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