How to prepare your cash banking pay in quickly and easily using NatWest branch machines ¦ NatWest

I’m going to tell you a bit about paying in cash and cheques using a
business quick deposit machine in your local branch. Start off by sorting your
coins into sachet bags, and remember, there’s a maximum
of three bags per wallet, so make sure you’ve got enough. Then flatten your notes. There’s no need for a rubber band. Flip your cheques so they’re
all facing the same way, and have a quick check for
staples and paperclips. Fill out a bank giro credit,
using black or blue pen. Write the same cash and
check value on the outside of the wallet and try and keep
it clear and easy to read. Put your cheques and bank
giro credit inside the pocket on the reverse of your bag,
and then pop your notes into the pocket on the front,
making sure they stay flat, followed by your coins. Then seal the wallet securely
and remove the tear off slip, as this is your receipt. Scan the barcode and
drop it into the machine, then take the acknowledgement slip, but don’t worry if there’s no BQD machine. You can just take your bag to the cashier. So, onto paying into
bulk coin in machines. This is pretty straightforward,
as long as you remember a few simple points,
like no foreign coins, or things like paperclips or staples, which could damage the machine. All you do is tip them in and the coins are counted automatically. Get a receipt, and once
you’re done at the machine, take your receipt to
the counter to get cash or have it paid into
your account immediately. And that’s it.

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